First half, Spring Break!

Hi all! I have returned from Spring Break and am ready to tackle the rest of this semester! This semester has been super exciting so far. I love all of my classes and am eager to learn more. We have started to brainstorm our final paper topics for my Harry Potter class as well as Senior Seminar for Music. I have also started doing the term project for my Computer Science class, which is writing Hangman at this point. We’re doing a VR project for my New Media class, and we have a Vespers concert held in St. Joe’s this Thursday for my Chant class. My Beethoven concert went well, and my prepping for my senior recital is also well underway. I got a 10 measure solo in a college choir concert, as well as some solo parts for the chamber singers concert. I have never sang solo before so that has been intimidating but also excited to be validated. It is very overwhelming all at once, but I am also blown away by how fast this semester is going by!

It is also really exciting that I have been accepted into two grad school programs, Music Technology at McGill University and the Interactive Telecommunications program at NYU. Funnily enough that both of these programs are the ones that I have spent time to visit – wonder if that actually plays a big role (from the perspective of a senior interviewer, it does play a role – I don’t know how much but it definitely matters, so if you’re a perspective student, wink wink). I know for a fact that I will not be staying in Massachusetts for grad school though, since I got turned down by the only Massachusetts institution that I applied to 🙁 but hey, a chance to see other parts of North America!

It’s weird to see things slowly starting to fall into place. Just weeks ago I was really agitated about where everything is going – especially the Monday nights before I have two of my seminars.  It’s weird even thinking about that I am a senior, and it still feels weird when people ask my plans post graduation, now I have actually gotten some concrete choices.

You may wonder what I’ve been up to for Spring Break. So I actually went back to Ireland, to Dublin, Cork and Galway! This time it is with my boyfriend, and it was a totally different experience since it is his first time to visit. I just didn’t really bother to do much homework (which is partly why I am still up). I got to see UCD on a bus ride down to Dun Laoghaire, visited Bewley’s (my favorite place to get breakfast), grabbed a couple of apple cider pints that I missed a lot about Ireland, got to catch up with my friends who are there right now, and did some more sightseeing for new stuff!

Around Clifden castle in Clifden, Co. Galway. The sheep are deliberating how the weather changes so fast (from sunny, to rain, to snow, to hail, all in five minutes).
Not the Cliffs of Moher but Aran Islands – was hella of a unique view without any other people around!
When I missed my orchard thieves and Dredd!
If you remember my blog from last year.. this is where I spent 7 hours on the whole loop, at Howth! This time I took a much shorter yet still scenic route and it was a ton of fun!

It is still super hard to wrap my head around the fact that I am a senior, let alone only having two more months on the hill. As I ran into three alumnus by chance in Boston, I will try my best to live it to the fullest, no matter how cramped my schedule is getting 🙂